Mechanical engineering studio

Every project is entirely developed and built in the same workshop to guarantee the utmost confidentiality to the customer as well as better prices.

The new 3D rapid prototyping service can provide a better technical support as well as products that can be used for preliminary feasibility tests without having to rely on external partners.

Mechanical engineers and rapid prototyping experts are always available for questions and clarifications. Requests can be sent by e-mail and a technical support service is always available from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm. This ensures fast and direct communication that allows each project to be developed successfully.

Thanks to a sophisticated organization of mechanical engineering work, each project is analyzed by qualified personnel and subjected to a study that reduces prices and production times.

Mechanical workshop

This department controls the production of mechanical parts of precision, the assembly of mechanical components and every work done with traditional tool machines and numeric control machines.
The balanced collaboration of mechanical engineers and machine operators enables an optimization of the exploitation of machinery in the mechanical workshop, where small and medium series are produced without relying on third parties.

• AVM Lathe
• SCHAUBLIN 102 Lathe

• TOPPER TMV 400 Working centre
• HIOWAY Working centre
• MV-810 Working centre

Pieces control:
Every element produced by the rapid prototyping section and by the mechanical workshop is accurately measured and controlled in a sophisticated working table provided with a PRECIHITE measuring machine and piece control equipment.

Composites laboratory

This section takes care of the creation, the manufacturing and the production of carbon fibre and glass fibre laminates. In addition, the composites laboratory manufactures wooden and stone parts, produces complex composites with supports and dimes internally developed, and creates prints and tools for lamination.