GOS is a company which has started as a mechanical engineering studio. Thanks to the addition of a precision machining department specialized in prototypes and small series its production capability has now slightly increased. Also, the precision mechanical workshop and the composites laboratory offer several chances of developing projects thanks to works done by traditional tools, numeric control machines and assembly of mechanical complexes. In addition, wooden and stone parts are machined and assembled, and fiberglass or fiberglass laminates are produced and machined.


In 2016, with the move of the headquarters to Losone, the 3D rapid prototyping department is provided with a 3D polyjet printer that can create high-precision objects with 12 different materials. In 2017, the rapid prototyping department adds a new machine with the latest generation FDM technology, which can be used to print several materials, such as PC-ABS, ASA, ABS, PLC, and allows multicolour printing in a single object.


The purpose of GOS is to extend the chances of developing a project to everyone by centralizing design, production and refinement in one single location, ensuring total confidentiality and more sustainable prices.